5 Good Reasons to See Emily Carr: Beige Bitch

1. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness and some have mediocrity thrust upon them.

This show is for you.

2. Mum clearly has a favourite and it’s not you.

This show is for you!

3. People you’ve met multiple times in the past will say, “it’s nice to meet you.”

This show is definitely for you.

4. Feel like you’re making life up as you go along?

Aren’t we all? Screw that 5-year plan and come watch Beige Bitch instead!

5. Being beige is an exorcism of perfectionism.

This show gives the middle finger to unrealistic expectations we’ve been conditioned to believe by society and raises a glass to embracing mediocrity instead!

*BONUS* Grab your pals and strap in for a hilarious & electrifying evening of Gaga, palm readings & gin martinis!

Beige Bitch is on at  The Motley Bauhaus, Carlton 11-17th April 7pm

TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=855876&