Lou Wall – Bleep Bloop

Reviewed by Bren Carruthers

Lou Wall is an imposing figure in Melbourne comedy – and not just because they’re six-foot five. The non-binary comedian’s incredible energy and ability to pump out fresh and clever shows has won many fans, and more than a few plaudits.

This time around, Lou centres Bleep Bloop on the confession that they bragged about making an album in lockdown – only then to be forced to follow up on the promise. The result allows them a lot more creative freedom than fans would be accustomed to, with the looser format largely abandoning the narrative structures and the visual aids (with one notable exception), but retaining all of the energy and fast-fire musical comedy that has won them so much support.

Weaving through the ‘bleeps and bloops’ of life, from the joys of being a casual menace to a relatable and terrifying interaction on Facebook Marketplace, Lou oscillates wildly between joy and suspense, in particular with their tragic and brilliant closer, a classic one-two punch that left the audience reeling with laughter, and really highlights the excellence in their delivery.

Those who have seen them before will need little convincing, but for others, Lou Wall is a tracksuit-clad whirlwind you won’t soon forget – strap in, roll with those beats, and prepare yourself for an incredible performance.

Lou Wall performs Bleep Bloop at Trades Hall til Apr 24