Chelsea Birkby: No More Mr Nice

By Ron Bingham 

Chelsea claims has had the tag of “nice girl” for too long, possibly due to bearing a more than passing resemblance to Galadriel from the Lord Of The Rings, and she is determined to lose the tag and be one with the bad girls. Well, sort of. If you’re gonna be a bad girl, I don’t recommend a white blousy lacy dress, or apologising when you respond to a heckle from the audience.

Chelsea does try hard to convince us of her change of heart, telling us of her clubbing/saucy Instagram shot days, but I fear she is doomed to failure on the bad conversion front. The audience (a full house) enjoyed Chelsea’s tales of her youth, inadequate sex education lessons from the parents, her wild university days and mental health dramas. We were so enthralled, the hour zoomed by very quickly. She was relaxed, charming and confident, the stories were well constructed and cheekily disclosed with one or two little surprises in the tales.

There was a little audience interaction in the show, but it was all very polite. I was too old/alternative to understand some of the musical references, but they went down well with the youngsters in the audience. It’s probably best not to mention the Crazy Frog story…

No More Mr Nice is one of many “pay what you want” shows (book a ticket if you want to be sure of a seat as the room only fits about 40). If you want the chance to see one of the High Elves swearing like an Orc, then I can definitely recommend this show.

Chelsea Birkby is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves