5 Good Reasons To See Cousin Tara: Wukkas

1. Cousin Tara is an award-winning comedian and songwriter with killer pipes and mad-witch energy. She’s that relative who looks like they’d volunteer to build a well in Africa.

2. WUKKAS is an original musical comedy-cabaret with a whole lotta heart and infectious punk rock energy. It was nominated BEST CABARET at Hobart Fringe at the Edge 2020.

3. Buying a ticket to WUKKAS gives you access to the only show in town with koala death metal, soy sauce ballads and educational rap about the importance of friendship.

4. WUKKAS made its Melbourne debut online in June 2020 with support from the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants. It was praised for its innovation and excellence. As the year 2020 has now been redacted, however, this presentation now never actually occurred.

5. WUKKAS, as in NO WUKKAS, as in YES, WUKKAS.

Cousin Tara performs Wukkas at The Butterfly Club Apr 12 – 18


5 good reasons to see our show for Blake Everett and Oliver Coleman: Dig Their Own Graves

1. Blake Everett and Oliver Coleman are two established comedians in their own right, but have decided to join forces to become the best comedic duo since Neil and Tim Finn.

2. They just received a 5 star review for the Adelaide Fringe run of their show. Blake has been getting 4 star reviews as a solo act for years, turns out all he needed to do was team up with a 1 star comedian.

3. It’s the only show about shovels at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, this year or any other year. Except for Wil Anderson’s 2017 show Wil it Shovel?

4. It’s not stand-up. Sure, go see some conventional stand-up comedy, but don’t forget about the weirdos! It’s late-night “absurdity that manages to keep its audience in stitches from start to finish” (The Advertiser).

5. If you come to the show Blake and/or Oliver will give you a snack (please pass on any dietary requirements to blake@shovelbrothers.com)

Blake Everett and Oliver Coleman Dig Their Own Graves at Storyville and Trades Hall April 6 – 18


5 Good Reasons to See Kit Richards: Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical?

1. It’s the first accessible musical for AFL nerds. If you’re an Essendon supporter, you’ll get the closure you desperately need. If you’re not an Essendon supporter, you can come and learn some empathy and then go and apologise to all the Don’s supporters you harassed for 4 years.

2. It’s performed by an award-winning comedian and 4th generation Bombers supporter, so the show really is for the fans, by a fan. No corporate watchdogs here!

3. It’s full of all-original music performed by a live band which is comprised of loved local rock and rollers.

4. You get to learn about one of Australia’s most controversial sporting moments in history, and who doesn’t love to learn?!?

5. It’s mentored by Scott Edgar from Tripod who is the nicest man alive and a real legend. It’s so far got his tick of approval, and that’s good enough for me!

Kit Richards performs Scandal! A Reflection on Essendon’s Doping Saga: The Musical? at Trades Hall, Common Room until April 4


5 Good Reasons to See: Sit on My Face: An Intimate Night with The Harry Morrissey Official


No mention of the C word, the long gruelling lockdown or the fuckery of 2020, Harry’s Irish so everything is swept under the rug!


Yes, yes we know that everyone can get a little funky on the dance floor and we definitely encourage people to do so whenever possible! However, as a WAAPA dance graduate there will be a plethora of wicked moves being busted at ya, so watch out!


Blue mountains spiritual healer Ghiathora will be making an appearance and running the audience through some mindless meditation techniques. BYO Trauma.


Sit on my Face features at least 5 carefully constructed garments sponsored by Vintage Garage! They are pure perfection. MWAH


Harry will be releasing their new hit single ‘Bussy’ (Bussy is a boy Pussy!), it’s going to be the Anal Anthem of the generation, so you definitely shouldn’t miss that.

Sit on My Face: An Intimate Night with The Harry Morrissey Official is on at LongPlay  from April 1 – 17


5 Good Reasons To See The Testy Cools: Skitocolypse!

Ah! Why hello there sinful traveller from the mortal realm, welcome to your own personal pit of inequity, and may I introduce you to The seven deadly sins of sketch comedy reasons of why you should see Testy Cools this comedy festival season! Bwah ha ha ha ha!


We are so proud of this show. We took time off our studying our various law degrees and PHDs to put this together every alt weekend we were all available because sketch comedy is our absolute number one passion and it’s what we wish we could do full time


Ahhh we have been greedy! Not just with how much we love sketch comedy but with greedily taking all the laughs from your belly! You will laugh from our satirical and silly take on current events / pop culture and we will eat them up greedily!


This is our most wrathful show yet! Yes, it’s our debut, but that’s WHY it’s so wrathful! We have so much to say about the state of the world – expect wrathful takes on lockdown, trump, scomo and even aussie internet speeds! NO ONE IS SAFE FROM OUR WRATH!!


You will be envious of all the CrAAzY ideas, concepts and approaches we have to our ideas. Inspired by the likes of Fry and Laurie, Monty Python and Big Girls Blouse, one could even say that WE are the envious ones of them (our heroes and idols)!


Sexy, saucy and raunchy, we have sketches to wet even the hungriests of appetites when it comes to boundary pushing and raunchy flavours! Even expect a sketch about what if Magic Mike went WAAAAAAY wrong (yes, with some nudity 😮 !!) !!


We are so VERY gluttonous! With our excessive desire for sketch, we have been withholding all the great sketch concepts from the needy! Bwah ha ha ha, welcome to your doom!


Ah, but all good things must come to an end, but i’m too TIRED to finish this document. How sloth-like of us. You won’t feel like a sloth after seeing our show though, you will be energized and ready for more delicious, tasty, sexy, angry and Testy Cool sketch comedy!

The Testy Cools: Skitocolypse! is on at Comedy Republic Mar 9,10,16 & 17 

Tickets Available Here:  https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/the-testy-cools

5 Good Reasons to see Max Paton: Dark Web Mystery Box

1. Joyously high-energy sketch comedy.

2. A whole bunch of songs, one-liners, dumb wordplay, wacky sound effects, hi-fi prop gags and zany audience interaction.

3. Some ‘Traditional Comedy’ (I’m not being suspicious you’re being suspicious)

4. A ridiculous and nonsensical exploration of content creators and YouTube.

5. It’s unique comedy in an art space in Fitzroy so you can impress your friends with how trendy you are.

Max Paton Performs Dark Web Mystery Box The Motley Bauhaus until Mar 31

Tickets Available Here:   https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/dark-web-mystery-box-1