5 Good Reasons to see Andy Balloch: My Comedy Festival Show

1. If you like super silly nonsense mixed with a crumbling psyche, and lots of real emotion, this is the show for you!

2. For part of the show, I’m a velociraptor, and velociraptors are cool, so that means I’m cool, OK MUM?! GET OFF MY BACK! JEEZE.

3. It’s directed by the INCREDIBLE Wes Snelling, who normally directs shows like Judith Lucy and Denise Scott’s show at The Arts Center, but due to a gypsy curse, has been tricked into directing this one.

4. If you don’t, they’ll win.

5. I did a dodgy deal with a gypsy and now I owe her a LOT of money. I offered her my soul, but she laughed for an uncomfortably long amount of time, before staring at me stony faced and simply saying “money”.

Andy Balloch performs My Comedy Festival Show at The Croft Institute, March 28 – April 9