5 Good Reasons to see Hannah Camilleri in Coming

1. This is Hannah’s third show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and third time’s the charm. Let Hannah charm your socks off this year.

2. No two shows are exactly the same. Like a snowflake or a potato chip, every show has it’s quirks and nuances.

3. This is a wild, one woman show. Every character, every situation- it’s all Hannah, so you don’t have to worry that you thought you had picked a one woman show only to find men on stage, ’cause they’ll be characters!

4. Get transported to fantastical new lands by the dulcet tones of Hannah’s vocal cords vibrating and their ability to morph into various voices.

5. This show is conveniently on at 6pm right in the CBD so you can finish your stressful day at work, have 50 minutes of belly laughs and then fill those now empty bellies with delicious food, ready for a big night of comedy. Start your night right with this show!

Coming is on at Crowded at The Croft from March 25 to April 4