5 Good Reasons to see Candice D’Arcy: Foreign Body

1. Loved District 9? Mutter “fokken prawns” cos you love the accent? Then this show is for you! In fact, you’ll learn a whole bunch of stuff about South Africa including heaps more slang to sprinkle into your vocab – lekker!

2. It’s about immigration, race and feeling foreign, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny

3. It features one of the nichest white girl talents you’ll ever see on a theatre stage

4. A vuvuzela may or may not be blown

5. If you like comedy with a message like Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette and Michelle Brasier’s Average Bear, you will like this show!

Candice D’Arcy Performs Foreign Body at The Butterfly Club, 28 March – 3 April 7pm

5 good reasons to see TriAngel

1. The cast!

Collectively they have over 60 years of improv experience between them, hailing from 3 of the worlds best commonwealth states. Yikes! Individually they’ve toured locally and internationally as improvisers and teachers, and have extensive experience with all of Melbourne’s top improv companies: Impro Melbourne, The Big Hoo-Haa Melbourne, Impromptunes and Improv Conspiracy.

2. The music!

Award-winning musician Jamie Burgess adds his musical magic to all the songs. They may be improvised, but boy will they be catchy, ticking all the pop-trope boxes and using titles provided by the audience, promising a unique experience with a guaranteed earworm each night!

3. Nostalgia!

TriAngel is a chance to relive your childhood pop fantasies and get up close and personal to that It-girl band you never knew.

4. Improv!

You get a unique performance every night, where your suggestions will help create the story and the music. No two shows or songs are the same.

5. Sparkles!

Hoo-boy! There has been so much cash spent on glitter and sparkles that this makes TriAngel the most flammable show of the festival! If it couldn’t be done with a hot glue gun, it couldn’t be done.

Amanda Buckley, Amy Moule and Candice D’Arcy perform TriAngel at Trades Hall from Sept 12 – 20