Adrian Bliss – Inside Everyone

By Jess Welch

You might be tempted, when told a comedian is best known by their TikTok account – which in this case boasts an impressive 7.9 million followers – to make certain assumptions. Some may be correct as, for example, the audience does skew to the 30’s and under crowd. But if you were worried about how bite-sized bits might translate to an entire hour, don’t worry. Adrian Bliss knows what he’s doing.

Bliss is a master of sketches. Armed with a wide array of costumes, Bliss transforms from character to character as he weaves his tale. And he’s chosen the smallest story of all, the tale of a single atom. We follow this hopeful atom through time and space as it searches for greatness. It’s an ambitious premise, but Bliss makes it look easy. He brings the mundane day-to-day of the most famous people in history to life. Sprinkled with some excellent puns and musical numbers, there’s not a dull second.

For those who are fans and have watched most of his videos, most of the characters will be familiar. But whether the crowd is drawn in by his online presence or not, it’s impossible to ignore that Inside Everyone is wonderfully written and performed, even if there’s quite a bit of time spent transitioning between costumes. It’s theatrical and bold, hilarious and ends on a surprisingly poignant note. Overall, it’s a fun ride that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Inside Everyone is on at The Malthouse Theatre. See website for details