Ainslie Rose – Ainslie’s To Do List

By Jess Welch

If you’ve ever struggled with a to do list so long you don’t know where to begin, Ainslie Rose understands your pain. In fact, she has a list and perhaps with a little bit of help, she could tick some of those pesky tasks off. Maybe a kind audience can even lend a hand and have more than a few laughs along the way.

Ainslie’s To Do List is a show dedicated to those who know they should be doing something productive, but are instead rewatching their favourite movie for the hundredth time. It might not surprise then, that Rose has been diagnosed with ADHD and autism. For anyone who has been through their own diagnosis journey, this show is like a flashback. The trail of not started, abandoned or unfinished projects looms ever-present. In this show, it takes the form of a large whiteboard. It stands above the crowd, a constant reminder. Rose enlists the audience to keep her on track. This has varying degrees of success. For every step forward, there’s a step sideways. It’s a constant dance, with an amazing soundtrack.

Speaking of dancing, Rose is breaks into dance at a moment’s notice. The stage, surrounded by couches, takes the form of her living room. It feels safe and cosy and like we’ve been invited around for story time. The stories flow, interspersed with skits and sketches. It’s perfectly balanced. This show is Rose’s MICF debut, but you wouldn’t know it. Even when something unexpected happens, she integrates it into the show was if it were planned all along. Rose is so likable, so friendly and naturally hilarious, she makes it look effortless. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Ainslie Rose performs Ainslie’s To Do List at The Collection Bar. Details at