DeAnne Smith – Let’s Do This

By Elyce Phillips

At a point in ’Let’s Do This’, DeAnne Smith compares herself to Harry Potter, and while we could

draw a long bow and liken her comedic talents to wizardry, I can’t imagine Harry talks about vaginas

quite as much. Which is a shame, because if there’s anything I took away from this show, it is that

discussions about vaginas are incredibly funny.

‘Let’s Do This’ is a show about insecurity and confidence – the insecurities we all have and the

inexplicable confidence we perceive in others. The conflict between having the confidence to be up

on stage and yet having difficulties in everyday social situations is ripe for comedy and both sides

of Smith really shine here. Although she talks at length about her lack of confidence, you are also

reassured that she is very good at sex. Her bit about supremely cocky male comedians is an absolute


Following the surprisingly boisterous show opening, Smith warned us that she needed to pace

herself, but seeing her up on stage, she appears to have boundless energy. The title perfectly

encapsulates the spirit of Smith’s show. We’re all in it together. It’s been a while since I’ve been in

an audience that’s been so receptive and willing to participate, and this is down to Smith’s skill in

engaging the room. She is adept at creating an open and inclusive atmosphere, freely calling out

closed-up punters with crossed arms early on and reassuring us all that we were in the hands of

an expert. Topics such as feminism and the advertising industrial complex are deftly handled and

spliced in with the faithful standards of poop jokes and ukulele. You’re left in no doubt that DeAnne

Smith is an absolute pro.

‘Let’s Do This’ is endearingly relatable and self-depreciating on a meta level. Go with friends, or be

prepared to make new ones very rapidly.

DeAnne Smith: Let’s Do This’ is on at the Cloak Room at Melbourne Town Hall until April 21.