5 Good Reasons to see DeAnne Smith: Post-Joke Era

1.  Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith has flown all the way from Canada to entertain you! You don’t want her to have increased her carbon footprint by so much for nothing, right?

2.  Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith only comes to Australia every other year! So, if you or she dies before 2019 (and let’s be real, doesn’t nuclear holocaust feel imminent?) this is your LAST CHANCE.

3.  Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith is spelling out reasons you should see my– I mean, her– show which, to be honest, should be an indication to you that she could stand to sell a few more tickets.

4.  Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith has heard that people need to see something seven times to be swayed by it. She never read the marketing study positing this, but at least seven people told her about it so it must be true.

5.  Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith is a hilarious comic who has won
awards. For comedy.

6. Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith!    7. Award-winning, hilarious comic DeAnne Smith!

DeAnne Smith: Post-Joke Era is on at Taxi Riverside


DeAnne Smith – Get Into It

By Lisa Clark DeAnne Smith

DeAnne Smith has had a dramatic couple of months leading up to the Festival. She begins by filling us in on all the news. You may have read in the paper or online that her Adelaide run had to be cancelled because her mum passed away and what DeAnne doesn’t mention is that her comedian friends stepped up and performed her show for her fans, sending profits back to her. It’s not hard to see how she has engendered such loving support within our comedy community. She’s so damned adorable and such a fine comedian. To complicate things, she’s also recently fallen in love but she trips lightly over her recent upheavals with a ‘Hey, enough about that – let’s just have a fun time together!’ And we did.

Luckily for DeAnne she had a show ready to go that she can throw herself into, her life changes have cast a different light upon some parts of the show, such as her material about her last relationship breakup but DeAnne is able to laugh that off beautifully. By taking us behind the show DeAnne creates an intimate relationship with her audience and invites us into her world. It’s a relationship where we give her the permission to gently tease and chide us. She also joyfully and knowingly insults the reviewers in the audience. A great way to embrace us into the intimate space she has created. Though I hope she understands that some of us are fans too.

It’s been a joy to watch DeAnne develop as a comedian since first seeing her performing spots in Melbourne, before she officially brought a show out. DeAnne’s style is zippy, sharp and sometimes surprising. There is a hint of (I hate to say it but it’s true) Ellen and a dash of Rita Rudner about her delivery. Hipsters as a topic of comedy are pretty ripe for the picking, though considering comedy audiences in Melbourne, comedians might want to tread carefully here, but it is mind blowing to think that a cool, smart, woman like DeAnne might be intimidated by them. She navigates through her subject matter perfectly; laughing with, rather than sneering at, and certainly has an endearing way of making us feel better about ourselves. Most of her tales have happy endings of sorts and, less surprisingly, she has a delightful nickname for the vagina that Cal Wilson would really appreciate.

DeAnne has a brilliant ability to make every show feel like it’s an extra special performance created just for you. That your night with her will be unique and precious. Which it no doubt is. It’s one of the few times where I don’t feel embarrassed about being greeted by the performer after the show on the way out. It’s a perfect conclusion to the intimate experience where she follows through with a moment of shared appreciation, leaving room for shy ones to duck out.

Audiences to DeAnne’s live show will also get the treat of a bonus track to be found on-line with the password from the show. Get Into It.

DeAnne is performing Get Into It at The Greek Centre in the Mykonos room til April 19


DeAnne Smith – Let’s Do This

By Elyce Phillips

At a point in ’Let’s Do This’, DeAnne Smith compares herself to Harry Potter, and while we could

draw a long bow and liken her comedic talents to wizardry, I can’t imagine Harry talks about vaginas

quite as much. Which is a shame, because if there’s anything I took away from this show, it is that

discussions about vaginas are incredibly funny.

‘Let’s Do This’ is a show about insecurity and confidence – the insecurities we all have and the

inexplicable confidence we perceive in others. The conflict between having the confidence to be up

on stage and yet having difficulties in everyday social situations is ripe for comedy and both sides

of Smith really shine here. Although she talks at length about her lack of confidence, you are also

reassured that she is very good at sex. Her bit about supremely cocky male comedians is an absolute


Following the surprisingly boisterous show opening, Smith warned us that she needed to pace

herself, but seeing her up on stage, she appears to have boundless energy. The title perfectly

encapsulates the spirit of Smith’s show. We’re all in it together. It’s been a while since I’ve been in

an audience that’s been so receptive and willing to participate, and this is down to Smith’s skill in

engaging the room. She is adept at creating an open and inclusive atmosphere, freely calling out

closed-up punters with crossed arms early on and reassuring us all that we were in the hands of

an expert. Topics such as feminism and the advertising industrial complex are deftly handled and

spliced in with the faithful standards of poop jokes and ukulele. You’re left in no doubt that DeAnne

Smith is an absolute pro.

‘Let’s Do This’ is endearingly relatable and self-depreciating on a meta level. Go with friends, or be

prepared to make new ones very rapidly.

DeAnne Smith: Let’s Do This’ is on at the Cloak Room at Melbourne Town Hall until April 21.

5 Good Reasons To See DeAnne Smith, Tilly & Flora and Steen Raskopoulos

5 Good Reasons to see DeAnne Smith: Let’s Do This

1. The show is super fun. In fact, one reviewer called it “fiercely fun” and another said that it was “One of the oddest but most invigorating experiences you’ll have at a comedy gig.” That sounds intriguing and good, right?

2. People love my comedy. You’re people. Therefore, you will love my comedy.

3. I’ll totally high five you if you want me to. If you’re having a bad day, sometimes all it takes is a vigorous high five to turn it around.

4. I’m codependent. For real. I can read the vibe of a room so accurately it’s as though I have psychic powers, and I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you’re having a good time. I’m not happy until you’re happy. I want to be your dancing monkey. This quality is shit for romantic relationships and stuff, but in terms of stand up comedy, it’s a super power.

5. I only gave 4 reasons, which just goes to show you that I’m a rebel, man. I’m so far outside the box, I can’t even see the box from where I am. It’s like a small dot to me. A small, dumb dot.

DeAnne will be performing at the Melb Town Hall – Cloak Room


5 Good Reasons to see In the Parlour with Tilly & Flora
For your consideration:

1. It’s set in the 1850s when Steam Engines were the next big thing!

2. This is the perfect show to bring your Mum or your Nan along to. They’ll love the literary references and you’ll love the historical pass-agg hilarity.

3. These ladies won the People’s Choice Award in the Short & Sweet Theatre Festival last year.

4. Each show features Tilly & Flora plus a different guest improviser….so you could go two nights in a row and get a completely different show!

5. If you like it then you better put a bonnet on it!

Tilly & Flora will be taking guests at Comedy on Collins


Five Good Reasons to see Steen Raskopoulos – Bruce SpringSTEEN LIVE IN CONCERT!

1. His is the only one man sketch show in the festival and is guaranteed to be something you’ve never seen before.

2. It sold out its entire run during the Sydney Fringe Festival and return seasons (so people either liked it or needed to be sheltered in from the cold during those specific days and times).

3. If you want to see one man play 100 characters in one hour, then… you’d probably go elsewhere actually. But this show has 16 characters in one hour, which is still pretty good.

4. It will make you feel happy, sad, confused, hungry, uplifted, angry and then happy again.

5. You will have a chance of winning $1,000,000*

Steen Raskopoulos will be performing at The Portland Hotel in the Gold Room

DeAnne Smith – Livin’ the Sweet Life

By Lisa Clark

 Canadians are so gosh darn adorable, no matter how filthy they are or even when they are insulting the audience and I think we have found the most adorable Canadian of all. Even before DeAnne Smith had officially began her show, she was heckled rudely and her handling of it was breathtaking. Her ability to put him in his place while make the audience laugh and feel at ease suggests years of stage experience and excellent people skills. It also failed to throw her off from performing another ace comedy festival show which confirms why she was nominated for The Barry last year.

The title, Living the Sweet Life is unsurprisingly ironic and to help demonstrate this DeAnne picks an audience member out for special consideration. It may or may not be in your interest to sit in the front row, depending on how shy you are. Her own sweet life includes parent’s who have become too comfortable with her sexuality, her middle class liberal guilt, a date that ends in the emergency department of a major hospital and a disturbing wax incident. Waxing was a bit of a passe subject a few years ago, usually talked about by wide eyed comedians who had not been through it, but DeAnne’s experience is astounding and hilarious. Another highlight for me was her participation in a ten day silent meditation retreat, not unlike the one Judith Lucy went through in her Spiritual Journey.

If you are seriously, easily offended this one might not be for you, DeAnne discusses lesbian oral sex, watching straight porn and she tells some dick jokes, but then maybe you should try a different festival altogether. It’s hard to imagine anyone being offended by DeAnne, she puts on a strong hour of bright, perky comedy which occasionally touches on dark subject matter. The show is bookended by hilarious songs that she plays on the ukulele, surely the cheeriest of instruments. The first is a chirpy tune about death and the last about nerdy pickup lines which really reminds me of Josh Earl, as does her haircut.  A fabulous show for a girls night out at the comedy festival, everyone is bound to have a great time and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch one of her chocolates.

Livin’ the Sweet Life is on at the Meeting Room at Trades Hall