5 Good reasons to see The Improv Conspiracy present A Night In Chicago

The Improv Conspiracy is the only improvised comedy group in Melbourne focused on “Chicago-style” improvisation, which is big in the States and has only recently found its way to Australia.

This Fringe season The Improv Conspiracy presents A Night In Chicago, which mixes honest storytelling with improvised sketch comedy.

Here are 5 Good reasons you should spend A Night in Chicago sometime during the next few weeks:

1. Nobody else in Melbourne is doing improv shows like this. Based on personal questions from the audience (e.g. “What was it like to lose your virginity?” or “What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?”), the night’s storyteller will tell awkward stories from their life, inspiring the cast of improvisers to create comedic sketches on the spot. The storyteller’s deepest, darkest secrets get spun into comedy gold. Pleasure for you, pain for them!

2. We know what it’s like to spend a night in Chicago. Quite a few of us have actually trained extensively at improv schools in Chicago, and spent many nights there in the process. We’re talking about places like the iO Theatre, which is where Tina Fey, Chris Farley, Amy Poehler and heaps of other funny people got their start.

3. Every show is completely different. Each show will have a different cast and storyteller. This ensures that every night you will be treated to new story and sketches, from a unique blend of talent. Skip the rest of the Fringe and see our show 12 times!

4. People like us! YAWP said “Trying to pick a favourite performer or scene from the night is impossible… professional, accomplished comics with excellent acting skills.”, while Inpress got very confused by one of our impossible staircase scenes and said “Watching these guys improvise is like watching an Escher drawing.”

5. If you like the show, we’ll teach you how to do it! The Improv Conspiracy has trained all of the performers in the show, and we’re constantly running new workshops to get people involved. We perform year-round, so you could potentially be up on stage within a few months. Comedy Festival, anyone?

The Improv Conspiracy present A Night In Chicago plays at The Croft Institute, Wednesday to Saturday  Sept 18 – Oct 5.

Website: http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/the-improv-conspiracy/

Details about the group can be found at http://www.improvconspiracy.com