5 Good Reasons to see Shane Matheson – Shane Talent Time

1.There is a different special guest comedian for each performance
performing one of their own hits. Like when Young Talent Time had
Kamahl come on! (Note: Kamahl won’t be appearing in my show)

2.Kamahl will be in the show! He won’t though. My loss really. Imagine
if he just turned up! I’d probably let him in for free, because it’s
Kamahl. He’s a very good singer and would certainly show me a thing or

3.The show has a song about a… oh god I can’t say this without
laughing because it’s TOO hilarious. A song, about a DOG who can drive
a BUS! Where’s my Barry Award? (Rhetorical)

4.Someone once said of one of my shows “I was laughing the whole time
and I don’t even know why”. Please come along and help me figure it
out because I don’t know either.

5.It’s not all songs though. There’s stand up and jokes. Remember
jokes? Comedy used to have heaps of them. Now it’s just things like
songs about a dog that can drive a bus. Although I must say, that does
sound pretty amazing.

Shane Talent Time is on at ACMI in the Games Room from April 11.