5 Good Reasons to see Song Off! Luis Vs Madeleine

1. Experience your favourite Luis and Madeleine number one hits, including Coolboy, Race to the Race, Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun, A Toast To The Host With The Most Toast and more!

2. 3 Cat Songs.

3. Multiple costume changes and family-friendly fake arguments. We are also acting in it.

4. Super-talented support acts! The Steaming Jeans! Waterfall Person! The Real Hot B*tches 80s Dance Troupe!

5. My little brother will wear a fake moustache because that is what we agreed on.

Luis and Madeleine will battle it out in SONG-OFF! at The Workers Club on Sundays: Sept 27, Oct 4 and Oct 11.
For Tickets and more info: http://oztix.com.au/eventguide/?q=song-off