5 Good Reasons to see Brianna Williams in Little Mountain Goblin

1. Performer Brianna Williams is very, very small. Comically small, some might say. If you like to feel as though you are a mythical giant, then this is the show for you!

2. This show contains references to the greatest movie of all time: Jurassic Park. It is empirically the best one. If you agree, or would like to be convinced to to agree, then this is the show for you!

3. I think we can all agree that everyone loves “Kissed By A Rose” by Seal. It is such a good song. Do you like this song? You DO? Well then, this is the show for you!

4. A.B Banjo Paterson is a national treasure. You agree, don’t you? You DO? Well then, this is the show for you!

5. If you have ever felt the crushed and impotent due to agonising anxiety, experienced a sleepless night at the hands of the mercilessly grim narrative constantly running through your brain, the indescribable fear of nothing and the terror of being unable to cope with the future, then I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s awful to experience and I hope you feel better soon. This show is about the performer’s experiences with the same thing, so potentially: this is the show for you.

Brianna Williams performs Little Mountain Goblin at Belleville

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