Lucy Pearman – Maid of Cabbage

By Ron Bingham Maid of Cabbage

Maid of Cabbage is an entertaining and funny one-woman romp by Lucy Pearman. Unsurprisingly it is about the first day on the job for our country maid(en), who is set the task of locating the perfect cabbage. Sadly Lucy is not really competent to judge what a perfect cabbage looks like, and she has a dark side that keeps trying to break out and cause (comedy) chaos. Along the way, we meet the Lord of the manor, get shown a number of interesting vegetables, learn what happened to out maiden’s lost love and find out whether she can keep her job for a whole day.

There are a lot of props, a little puppetry, quite a bit of (non-threatening) audience participation, an excellent costume change and a lot of laughs. Lucy is engaging and entertaining, the story flows well, and there are very few breaks in the mayhem and jokes.

If you feel like seeing an excellently acted and very funny show, and aren’t afraid of the possibility of wearing a silly hat or holding a cabbage in your hand, then I can thoroughly recommend Maid of Cabbage.

Maid Of Cabbage is on at Heroes @ The Monkey Barrel until August 27.
This show is free (donation)