Demi Lardner : Look what you made me do

By Ron Bingham
Look What Youu Made Me Do

This show is a corker! From the first moment that Demi, in the guise of Gavin, enters the stage we are treated to a whirlwind hour of props, sketches and general chaos.

Based loosely on the story of a middle aged man trapped in his basement, he’s forced to answer questions for a phone survey and suffers a number of hallucinations. There are songs and dances (including a bit of strobe lighting), some dubious drawings (one of which is available as a postcard at the end of the show), a sidekick in the form of one of the ladies from the show Double Denim and a main actor who performs a well scripted hour. It’s not at all highbrow comedy and had the audience in stitches.

This show has won a couple of awards (including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Director’s Choice) and it really delivers on the laughs. There are some rude words, a naughtily erotic story and one truly appalling pun to do with a horse.

This is a show that won’t disappoint.   

Look what you made me do is on at Underbelly, Cowgate until August 27