5 Good Reasons to See Lessons with Luis – Stickin’ Together

1. Go out and get some happy vibes by watching some top quality, non-political, warm and fuzzy comedy made by award-winning comedians like me and my brother in Stickin’ Together.

2. You do not have to sit through ad breaks encouraging you to buy insurance or pasta sauce.

3. It is a good excuse to not have to dust that dusty shelf you have been meaning to dust in your spare time (which is also sometimes dusting time).

4. You can wear that fancy shirt and/or dress you love the look of but do not really have enough occasions to wear it before Easter. It might not fit on you as well after too many chocolate bunnies. Unless you are very strict with yourself. But you know two chocolate bunnies taste better than one.

5. Your cat will let you. They love you so they will respect your choice of seeing a cat person perform, so you do not need to feel bad about going out. Your dog should understand too. Goldfish will not remember you left.

Lessons with Luis performs Stickin’ Together at Melbourne Town Hall Lunch Room