5 Good Reasons to See Woah, Alyssa! 1

1. It’s a bunch o’ little stories so it’s kinda like sitting at home watching an endless stream of YouTube clips except they’re not the boring clips your friend, Marie Povich, makes you sit through, they’re really funnnnnnny!!!!!

2. Drag Race references!!

3. Georgie Parker references!!!!!

4. It’s on at a bookstore which has books with TOTALLY NAKED GUYS on the FRONT COVER so you don’t even have to slyly take the book to the corner and open it to see the NAKED GUYS!!

5. It’s also on at a gallery which is not a sexy bookstore but you can bring your own STEAMY PICS and we won’t say anything!!!

Woah, Alyssa! 1 is on at Hares & Hyena’s 63 Johnston st Fitzroy April 4 – 7 and at Cage Me a Peacock from April 16 – 22



5 good reasons to see Charles Horse lays an Egg by Cam Venn

1.       It’s stupidly fun physical theatre performed with love by a professional fool.

2.       There’s a bit where I sing a Bowie song in a giant inflatable penis suit.

3.       A man lays an egg. Literally.

4.       It’s an epic celebration of space movies and scifi and giant chickens and life.

5.       You’ve probably never seen anything like it.

Cam Venn performs Charles Horse lays an Egg at The Butterfly Club Apr 9-15



5 Good Reasons to see James Hazelden’s 12A

1. Black is the new comedy. If you need a change from standup comedy, 12A offers you a much-needed alternative. It’s a darkly funny theatrical play about murder, cowardice, betrayal, superstition and real estate.
2. It has jokes but it’s also weird. And unsettling. And tense. Like a good thriller. With jokes. Weird jokes.
3. It’s written and directed by James Hazelden from Man Bites God, Mystery Radio Theatre and the Theatre of the World podcasts, so if you’ve liked any of that stuff, you’ll like this.
4. It stars Brose Avard (Darren & Brose), Nicholas Roy (The Voice), Chris Tomkins (Man Bites God), Emily Carr, Fleur Murphy and Vaughn Rae. They’re an immensely talented group of comedic actors and performers.
5. It’s performed in the iconic La Mama Theatre – the centre of Melbourne’s underground, subversive theatre movement for the last 50 years.
12A is on at La Mama Theatre (205 Faraday Street, Carlton)
18 April to 22 April – 5 shows only. Book early.

5 Good Reasons To See Nadia Collins in Virgin Bloody Mary

1. Just like in Church – come for the wine and crackers, stay for the live show.

2. There are no words in the whole show. You don’t have to understand English or have even gone to school.

3. The Virgin Mary is a badass superhero who has a permit from the government to commit exorcisms pretty much whenever. Wow! BYO tarpaulin.

4. There is a part of the show that features a realistic tour of the human anatomy. Cool!

5. Sh*t gets weird. It also has 5 and 4 star reviews and an award nomination from Perth Fringe World.

Virgin Bloody Mary is on at The Butterfly Club from March 27 to April 8

5 Good Reasons To See Ed Britton is Groping for his Manhood

1. You’re a man or you know a man.

2. You think moustaches are interesting, especially when ridiculous and curly.

3. You like British comedy and/or the British accent.

4. You consider yourself an intellectual and want your friends to think so too. (Seriously, the British accent makes everything seem highbrow)

5. You want to be able to sit in the front row of a show and not feel like you’re going to be picked on. It’s okay, it’s a safe space here.

Groping for his Manhood is on at Tasma Terrace from March 27 to April 8

5 Good Reasons To See Fiannah de Rue in It’s Not Funny

1. It is funny.

2. At multiple points throughout the show Fiannah will wear a silly hat and dance to JLo. Fiannah is not a dancer.

3. It’s directed by the POWERHOUSE that is Hayley Tantau, who created the POWERHOUSE that is Cindy Salmon and you know what they say… two POWERHOUSES might just make a third POWERHOUSE… tbc…

4. Because Fiannah is from Tasmania and so are other notable comedians such as Hannah Gadsby, Luke McGregor and Jacquie Lambie.

5. It’s about death! Need I say more.

It’s Not Funny is on at Tasma Terrace from April 9 to 22