5 Good Reasons to See Chaddyslap

1. This show is a multi-modal adventure! We move between live, snappy sketch comedy, surreal AV moments and abstract
physical theatre sequences.

2. It turns out shopping centres are a rich mine to quarry for comedy material! We had to throw out so many of our sketch ideas,
leaving the show with only the best Chadstone-based punchlines.

3. The show has heart and brains. The eight central characters who become trapped in Chadstone are loveable and within the
quirkiness, there are lots of clever jokes and fascinating commentary on corporations and consumers.

4. The cast are awesome! These eight actors each bring their own pizazz and charisma and unite to form a sensational stage
presence. Each of them play a main character and about 15 other characters..

5. There’s an adorable character called Gregory who needs to be seen to be understood. He works at NAB, he loves karaoke
and he is just trying to find his place in the world. Gregory is our beautiful shopping centre everyman

Chaddyslap is on at Trades Hall Sept 12 – 29