5 Good Reasons to See Dice Paper Role presents D&D Live: Myths & Legends

1. Statistics prove* that if you’ve never played D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) before, you ARE curious, and if you have played D&D before, we had you at D&D.

2. Normally nerds who like to play D&D do it in private free from the fear of ridicule; we have no such fear, we know we are ridiculous.

3. Jack will balance a colander on his head for a full hour and forty five minutes, all while doing a French accent. Oui, cést incroyable.

4. See us feign comfort as we squeeze 8 people on stage at once (some of them famous!)

5. You can listen back to the hilarious sound effect that you contributed when we release the game as a live episode on our stream (www.dicepaperrole.com).

*Go on then, look it up.

Dice Paper Role presents D&D Live: Myths & Legends is on April 8 & 9 at 10.30 with a bonus 3pm session on Saturday 9th

Tickets: www.comedyfestival.com.au/2022/shows/d-d-live-myths-and-legends

5 Good Reasons to see Daniel Muggleton: White & Wrong (But Mostly White)

1. Things aren’t Good on the Home Front

After two pandemic-riddled years, nobody is blaming you for hating being home. You’re sick of it, your partner is sick of you, there’s nothing left to watch… go see something live. Leave your partner at home, that no-dish-washing piece of shit doesn’t deserve a night out but you do! So you find four other friends to utilise the Group Discount and book tickets to Daniel Muggleton. Maybe even cheat on your partner with one of them? It’s a Thursday, they’re giving you the eye… go for it!

2. Things still aren’t Good at Home

You went out, saw the best comedy show you’ve ever seen but still… home just isn’t cutting it. Surely the guilt from cheating on your partner would at least rekindle things for a bit? Lying always makes me horny, I don’t want to make assumptions about you but Catholic guilt always gets me going. Anyway, come see the show again, this time on your own to reduce the risk of cheating (I’m married, sorry). Laughter is the best medicine.

3. You’ve Broken Up with your Long-Term Partner and are Back Living with your Parents

Hey, there’s no shame in that. You tried to make things work, you cheated to save the relationship, you told them the truth and they were too immature to understand. That’s chill, ditch that loser and move back in with your folks – there’s no shame in that, take the cat with you as a hostage. But it’s been 37 minutes and your parents are already driving you insane, you’ve gotta get out. I’ve got a solution, go see the same comedy show again – the repetition will be comforting, I promise.

4. You’ve got a Tinder Date, for the First Time in Years, and Need Somewhere to Not-Talk to Them

I mean they’ve got a sweet rig but who knows what level their chat is at? It’s a minefield out there, you’re crazy to have dumped your soulmate over some stand-up cheating in the first place. Best play it safe, get loaded at the comedy show and see if their personality is up to snuff at a reasonable hour like 9:15pm. Luckily you’ve already found your favourite comedian and you’ll be too drunk to remember any of the jokes this time.

5. This Week’s been Hell, but you’re Back Together with your Partner and need Somewhere to Celebrate because… you’re Pregnant!

Why not the comedy show that started it all? The paternity tests can wait.

Daniel Muggleton performs White & Wrong (But Mostly White) at Kicks Mar30 – Apr 24


5 Good Reasons to see Madeleine Stewart: So Brave

1) So Brave gives a cheeky insight into my life as a disabled woman. It’s got everything you could ask for if you’re a bit of a perve that revels in other people’s embarrassment. Dating stories. Political commentary. Childhood journals. Even unwarranted dating advice from my step dad. And it’s all in the pursuit of sexiness, or at least a good shag.

2) It’s performed by award winning comedian — me, Madeleine Stewart. And it’s directed by MICF Award winner and exemplary father figure Jason Marion, which is also nice. You’ll definitely laugh all the laughs and feel all the feels thanks to our partnership for this show.

3) There will also be NUDE ART. No other festival acts will be featuring this. Probably for good reason.

4) So Brave is wheelchair accessible and Auslan Interpreted (2&8 April). Naturally.

5) You will be supporting a disabled artist — therefore, you are instantly a ‘good person’ upon ticket purchase. Be sure to keep the ticket stub and show God at the gates so He lets you in.

Madeleine Stewart Performs So Brave at The Malthouse Mar 31 – Apr 10

5 Good Reasons to See Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit

1. Murder Village is a Comedy Festival favourite.

Welcome to Murder Village. Population: decreasing… but popularity: increasing. Most Murder Village shows sell out, making it a bone fide hit with fans of comedy, fans of improvisation, and fans of good old fashioned British whodunnits.

2. You get to play detective.

While comedy is definitely front and centre in Murder Village, the show is also your chance to solve a genuine mystery. Your votes select the murderer and the victim, but it is all conducted via secret ballot. That leaves you free to puzzle out the solution yourself from the comfort of your seat – just like any good detective novel.

3. It’s your best chance of ever experiencing a new Agatha Christie mystery.

You may not have noticed, but the Queen of Crime Fiction, like so many of her characters, shuffled off this mortal coil several decades ago. With the combination of the audience’s suggestions and the show’s talented improvisers, a new Agatha Christie style mystery is conjured onto the stage on the daily during Comedy Festival.

4. It stars some of the best improvisers in the country.

Agatha Christie deserves the best, and she’s got them. Featuring a who’s who of Melbourne’s favourite improvisers and a roster of international Theatresports champions, Murder Village stars some of the best improvising comedians you are likely to see on any stage in the country.

5. The backdrop is one of Melbourne’s most iconic and exciting venues.

Murder Village is lucky to play at The Butterfly Club, a beautiful and eclectic independent theatre venue set right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. Not only is it home to some of Melbourne’s best artists, but it is also blessed to employ some amazing cocktail artisans. Grab a drink, cast your votes, and enjoy a murder mystery like no other.

Murder Village: An Improvised Whodunnit is on at The Butterfly Club 7pm March 28 to April 7


5 Good Reasons to See Jez Watts: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Testicles

1. Why are all the cheeses named after Porn Search Categories? Vintage, Natural, Hard, Semi-hard, Mature, Blue Vein, Goat. This joke is in the show but there’s more of it.

2. Over half the show is about cum. Or cum-adjacent.

3. Its got the story of why my legal name is “Jez White-Rice Supreme”

4. Its got the bit about how I blew a guy out of peer pressure

5. Its got the story about how I broke my d**k open

Jez Watts performs Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Testicles at Heroes Bar Mar 21 – Apr 23 – but not Apr 15


5 Good Reasons To See Con Coutis: Half Steam Ahead!

1. It’s a sketch show set on a cruise ship, where Con plays every character you meet.

2. Con is booked as a comedian on the ship, so there’ll be stand-up.

3. Using his physicality, and literally hundreds of voiceovers, Con plays more than 17 characters in the show.

4. This is Con’s debut solo show, but he’s done two shows before this one.

5. The show he did with Charlie Hill last year was described by a Squirrel Comedy reviewer as “one of the slickest, fastest-paced and funniest hours of comedy I have seen for quite a number of years”.

Con Coutis performs Half Steam Ahead! at The Butterfly Club Apr 4 – 10 at 5.30