5 Good Reasons to see The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne

1. 2018 saw us sweep to 33 consecutive weeks of sold out shows at our regular Friday night home, The Butterfly Club – so, over 1700 people can’t be wrong, right?

2. Do you like Horror? Musicals? Romance? Then you’re in luck! Each of our Comedy Festival shows has a theme! Not only do you get the best bits of our regular improv extravaganza, but this year you also get a fun and whacky theme sprinkled into all our games. Allow yourself to be dazzled and tickled in equal measure by The Spooky Show, The Singing Show and The Sexy Show.

3. Our ensemble is jam-packed full of some of the most talented super-humans in Melbourne, who will be making ‘em up for HOO-HAA in between starring in their very own Comedy Festival shows. Me oh my, do they have some stamina! So go see Little Sketchbook of Horrors, I Made This for You, How Far I’ll Go, The Return of Grazie Fibonacci, Woman of the Hour, Mix Tape, Glanc You For Having Me, Rocky the Third, Murder Village and Rhyme Zone, and witness their brilliance when they’re not a facing off in a battle of improv wits.

4. You’re never the butt of the joke at The Big HOO-HAA!. We love audience suggestions to help us create the made-up magic on stage, but you will never be made to feel like the punchline of a cheap gag. We’re so happy to do the sillies so that you can sit back, have a good time and leave with your dignity in tact.

5. Our shows are on Monday nights when almost all the other shows take a break, which means you don’t have to choose between that so-hot-right-now star of the uber-successful Netflix stand-up special and us. You can do both! *High-five* So, what are you waiting for?

The Big HOO-HAA! is HOO-HAAing Big at The Melbourne Town Hall on Monday Nights



1. Every show is completely unique, like a snowflake! Because it’s all made up on the spot, you will never see a show like it ever again, like a snowflake! It’s also really cool, like a snowflake!

2. Improvisers are the happiest people you will ever see (on the outside). Even if they’re being crushed from the inside out by their own existential dread and will eventually become one with the universe like a dying star, their smiles and buffoonery are just for YOU.

3. Sorry, I can’t concentrate on this one because there is legit a rooster in my neighbourhood and it’s crowing, what is this, Of Mice and Men or something? JOKES: That was an improv! See? We can literally do anything!

4. The Big Hoo-HAA! ensemble contains some of Melbourne’s hardest working comics who can, outside of being seen in this show, can also be seen on TV and other cool things! Par example, Lliam Amor (The Micallef Show), Gillian Cosgriff (ABC2’s Written it Down), Lee Naimo (Axis of Awesome), Dan Debuf (The Loop) and Brianna Williams (The Bachelor Unpacked).

5. If you want to feel as though you have some control in this crazy world, as we hurtle toward irreversible climate change and animal extinction, improv will not only give you the chance to yell out suggestions and have a hand in creating the comedy, but you can also be distracted from these problems for an hour! Ha ha ha! Comedy truly is the world’s greatest medicine (also penicillin)

The Big Hoo Haa is performing at The Melbourne Town Hall throughout the Festival


Famous Sharron : The Fame Game

By Colin FlahertyFamous Sharron

In the luxurious surrounds of the Melba Spiegeltent, Famous Sharron is here to make nobodies famous and celebrities even more so. Aided by her backing dancers and assistants The Famettes, she finds out background about hand selected celebs (on the night I witnessed the power of Sharron they were comedian Victoria Healy and NOVA’s Loren Barry) and devises ways of increasing their profile through impro games.

The character of Sharron is bold, in your face and beautifully attired in a fabulously over the top outfit. She swans around the room pressing the flesh and taking many selfies with the punters. A visit to her facebook page reveals hundreds of photos with her adoring fans. There is none of the bitchiness usually associated with fame, apart from a brief remark about being the centre of attention, just a desire to bring glitz, glamour and joy to the masses. This character bleeds into the real world with Sharron constantly interacting with the public via all manner of social media.

The Famettes (members of the Melbourne chapter of The Big Hoo Haa!) improvise scenes according to background provided by the guests and from audience suggestions. They weave their magic with whatever is thrown at them with ease and manage a pretty good laugh ratio. In addition they add some daggy glamour to Sharron’s big opening number. If that sounds like they are doing all the heavy lifting, you’d be right. Sharron may be larger than life and loom large over the stage but she freely admits that she got famous for doing very little, just like every good celebrity does. She is the ringmaster of this impro circus.

Being an impro show audience participation plays a sizable role in the show but nothing overly intrusive or embarrassing. Using her charm Sharron prompts the audience for ideas with which the Famettes can work with. A lucky punter gets to have their dreams come true and assist with the final game but only if they are up for it.

This is a fun impro show with an interesting structure built around it. The cherry on top is the vibrant personality that is Famous Sharron to guarantee that you’ll have a fabulous time.

The Fame Game is on at The Melba Spielgeltent until April 19


5 GOOD REASONS TO SEE IMPROVILICIOUS: The Improvised Guide To High School

1. It’s a side splitting improvised guide to surviving high school with tips on everything you need to

know including bullying, asking people out and most importantly what to do when you send a snap

chat pic to the wrong person. AWKWARD!!!


2. It’s created by super hilarious, multi award winning, stand up comedian and improviser Jimmy

James Eaton.


3. It doesn’t reference the band One Direction at all because OMG they are so totes two years ago.

Five Seconds Of Summer 4EVA!!!


4. It stars the very funny Ben Russell and Cassie V!!! They’re so hot right now!


5. It contains a joke about the Hunger Games. Who doesn’t like a good Hunger Games Reference?


The Improvised Guide To High School is on at Melb Town Hall – Powder Room

For Details and bookings see MICF website http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2015/season/shows/improvilicious-the-improvised-guide-to-high-school

Five Good Reasons To See: HOO-HAA! Danger Hour

1. Melbourne’s best impro comedians. It’s no small boast, but The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne ranks are made of players whose skills cross the divide of stand-up comedy and pure improvisation. It’s a formidable combination that douses drawers and slackens jaws.


2. The madness! The show involves all manner of dangerous and hilarious games. From the aquaphobic nightmare of Head in a Bucket, to the vertical insanity of Pogo Pogo, this show should be outlawed.


3. Curtains. The show has curtains.


4. HOO-HAA! Danger Hour is playing at the beautiful Butterfly Club. How amazing is this place?! You come for the comedy, but you stay for the cocktails. And the saucy staff. And the atmosphere. And the hidden-down-a-laneway vibe. And the martinis. And the back rubs. So many back rubs… Get the drift?


5. Mousetrap. This is one of the most terrifying, gut-wrenching, panic-inducing, vomit-projectiling impro games you will ever witness. Seriously. It’s worse than listening to Lindsay Lohan’s jailhouse poetry. Which means it’s perfect as the ultimate punishment for the team that loses. The stage is littered with mousetraps – all set, live and gagging for a taste sweet, sweet human flesh – where upon players must then improvise the funniest scene imaginable while performing in bare feet and wearing blindfolds. IT’S MADNESS, PEOPLE.

HOO-HAA! Danger Hour is on at The Butterfly Club on Saturday and Sunday nights


The Big HOO-HAA! – 24 Hour HOO-HAA!

By Elyce Phillips 

It’s 6am at Czech House.  Six bleary-eyed improvisers are up on stage, looking for suggestions from an equally bleary-eyed audience. Many have fallen, some have only just begun and there are still 14 hours to go.

For this year’s Fringe, The Big HOO-HAA! threw all their comedic eggs into one proverbial basket and put on a 24 hour show. It’s something we’ve seen at festivals in the past. The 24 hour show has become something like an extreme sport in the comedy world – and the HOO-HAA team’s performance was up there with the greatest of endurance athletes.

Team members of the Hearts and the Bones rotated through the night in hourly blocks, with ten minute breaks in between. For every hour you stayed, you got a dollar back from the $24 ticket price – a moment heralded on the hour with the jingling of a bowl of gold coins and a burst of an on-theme tune like ‘Gold Digger’.

The event began with HOO-HAA’s usual two hour program, with Liam Ryan on hosting duties. Ryan was an absolute stand-out through the 24 hours, somehow remaining incredibly witty right to the end. The man is an absolute natural as a host.

From there, the show took a step into different territory, changing up the theme with each hour-long block. At 10pm, there were games based on stories told by Nova’s Deano. At 12pm, an improvised musical.

At 3am, we hit Danger Hour and things started to get a bit weird. HOO-HAA’s usual games were beefed up with a series of increasingly painful punishments. We saw a strip edition of Doo Doo Ron Ron. The poor players who found themselves Desperate and Dateless (Ryan and Michelle Nussey) had pegs clipped to their bodies every time they made an incorrect guess. There was even a moment of genuine danger as Scott McAteer slightly choked on an unreasonable amount of bread in a game called Carbo Loading.

In the next couple of hours, the weirdness continued. We had Free Love at 4pm, in which team members paired up and did whatever they wanted for 15 minutes, resulting in an extremely complicated piece by Matt Saraceni and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd about the invention of closed captioning. Then it was a mega round of My Game, My Game, where we saw such gems as ‘Multi-Cluedo’, ‘DolphinHospital’ and ‘It’s Banjo Patterson’s Birthday!’.

By 6pm, brains were beginning to break. I think everyone’s mindset was best summed up by Saraceni during a game of 181, in which the players had to come up with one-liner beginning “181 somethings walk into a bar.” On the theme of spiders, Saraceni stepped forward and said, “Let me give you a little insight into how things are inside my head. 181 spiders walk into a bar. Something about a web?” With many in the audience just as sleep-deprived as the players, that simple statement was perhaps the funniest moment of the hour. We were all suffering together.

How they managed to get through the whole 24 hours, I have no idea. The sleep deprivation was enough of a challenge for those of us in the audience. In the end, only four audience members stuck it out for the full 24 hours, but many more popped in and out over the duration.

It’s an absolute testament to the skills of the HOO-HAA! team that they created an experience that was genuinely hilarious for the full 24 hours. There’s no sense in pointing out the stars in the group – they were all fabulous. Go and see them in action for yourself, perhaps at their saner two-hour show.

The Big HOO-HAA! Perform every Thursday at 8pm at The Portland Hotel.