Melbourne International Comedy Festival Previously Reviewed Shows

It’s nearly time for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!!!

Our tails are waggling excitedly as we plan our festival and the shows we will be seeing and reviewing for you. It’s a big 30th Anniversary and we’ll be enjoying a lot of the wonderful birthday events and exhibitions too.

As always to help you make decisions about which shows you should see at the festival we have a list for you of all the shows we have already reviewed so you can check them out.

Don’t forget to take a punt on someone you’ve never heard of, they might change your world and you, for making up an awesome audience, theirs.

Down the bottom of this article, I’ve listed some shows that have been cancelled.

Meanwhile here are some reviews we prepared earlier:

Christopher Welldon Christopher Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Dave Callan A Little Less Conversation 3: Even More Less Conversation

Dilruk Jayasinha – Sri Wanka

Geraldine Hickey Winner!

I love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Lauren Bok Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have a Burrito

Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden & Bert Goldsmith Radio Variety Hour

Lisa-Skye & Nick Caddaye Gentlemen’s Agreement

Little Dum Dum Club: Live!

Rama Nicholas in Mary Weather’s Monsters

Set List

Soothplayers Completely Improvised Shakespeare


Cancelled Shows

The following is the list so far. We will pop any more of these up on the ‘In Brief’ section of our site as they come in:

ACE Comedy vs Politics Gala Dinner

Funny Folks Have a Crack!

Squeaky Clean Comedy

5 PM Variety Show



Christopher Doesn’t Live Here More

By Colin Flaherty
Christopher doesnt live here

With 60 houses in 33 years, Christopher Welldon has certainly led a colourful life that was constantly on the move. Using a large map of Australia to plot out the course of his constant migration, he presented fascinating stories stretching from early childhood to the present that regularly had the audience rolling with laughter.

His recollections as a naïve child heightened the strangeness of his slightly unorthodox family life and had the audience chuckling and shaking their heads in disbelief at how these things could actually happen. Some of his tales were extremely heartbreaking and terrifying, providing a sharp contrast to the wacky hijinx, but he was confidently able to reassure us that he survived these ordeals intact and could see the funny side of them.

Adapted from his blog of the same name, the text had been edited into a lean muscular script with humorous lines crammed into every nook and cranny. With so much ground to cover in a limited time, his colourful turn of phrase and economy of language was brilliant.

Welldon was a master storyteller and had everyone transfixed. His background in breakfast radio shone through as he demonstrated how to effortlessly engage with an audience and keep the comedic momentum rolling. He regularly bounced off members of the crowd and got in their faces, not in a threatening way but as humorous punctuation. A highly animated delivery provided plenty of colour and movement and his slightly snarky attitude really brought out the ridiculousness of the stories.

Rush out to see this show immediately – it is a brilliantly riotous rollercoaster of a show. If you happen to miss out on this week long run at Fringe or are out of town, the next best thing is to pour over his blog ( that goes into immense detail of all the stories covered in this show assisted by plenty of audio/visual illustrations.

Christopher Doesn’t Live Here More is on at the North Melbourne Town Hall until September 25th