Bart Freebairn: Maximum Delicious

By Ron Bingham

This show will make you hungry. Bart talks about his love of food, giving us examples of some of his favourites (not literally, sadly). He also tries to explain why employing a personal trainer is the perfect justification for being able to eat an entire cheesecake.

His stand-up comedy, while mostly food based, (and who can’t relate to food based comedy?) does also delve into first impressions of the UK from an Australian visitor and a number of other subjects. It is an hour of confident, funny and sharply observed humour, which should appeal to most comedy lovers.

Bart has been performing a bit under the radar in Australia for a few years now and it’s a shame, because he’s a charismatic performer who can bring audience members to tears of laughter. It’s fantastic to see him pulling full houses here (so buy a ticket if you want to be sure of a seat)  and the audience was certainly having an excellent time at the show I saw. Then finally, everyone was further rewarded with a Jaffa Cake at the end of the show. YUM.

Maximum Delicious is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves until August 25

Australian Comedy at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe

Scotland’s capital city is bursting at the seams with talented artists as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe begins this week. As is usual many Australian acts are heading up to “sunny” Edinburgh to show the world what they’ve got. If you’re in town, be sure to check out some of these fabulous funny folk listed below.

We’ve compiled a list of all the acts we could find, along with links to the reviews of those shows that our Squirrel writers have seen at previous festivals. As usual we give the disclaimer that Festival shows are ever evolving beasts so the show that we saw could be rather different to current iteration.

If we’ve missed anyone, feel free to drop us a line (or contact us on social media)…

3’s Comedy – Adam Knox, Luka Muller and Peter Jones
Laughing Horse @ City Café

Aaron Chen: Piss Off (Just Kidding)
Pleasance Courtyard
Here’s Colin’s review from MICF 2019:

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars : Kevin Kropinyeri, Andy Saunders and Steph Tisdell
Assembly George Square Studios

Absolute Zero: Jez Watts
Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

AC/DC: Australian Comedians / Dope Comedy
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

Aidan ‘Taco’ Jones – 52 Days
Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

Aidan ‘Taco’ Jones – Lightfoot James
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

Alex Williamson: Sin on My Face
Just the Tonic at La Belle Angele

Alice Fraser: Mythos
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Ali Kennedy Scott: Fourth Cousin, Once Removed… Forcibly
Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern

Andrew Roper: Break Point
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

Ange Lavoipierre: Final Form
Underbelly, George Square

Angus Brown: Everest
Imagination Workshop

Apocalypse Comedy Club featuring Mick Neven
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Sneaky Pete’s

Ashes: A Comedy Showdown
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Liquid Room Annexe/Warehouse

Aussiental : Arnie Pie
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

Bart Freebairn: Maximum Delicious
Just the Tonic at The Caves

The Best Show We’ve Ever Done at the Edinburgh Fringe : The Fish Girls
PQA Venues @Riddle’s Court

Brown Panther – Ruven Govender
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted
Pleasance at EICC

Comedy Boxing – Best of the Best (Kyle Legacy)
Laughing Horse @ Cabaret Voltaire

Comedy Striptease
Laughing Horse @ The Lock Up

Craig Fridey: The Darkness Distillery
Laughing Horse @ Sofi’s Southside

Daniel Connell: Piece of Piss
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Daniel Muggleton: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (But I Reckon it’s Easier for Straight, White Men?)
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

David Tieck: What Would Bill Murray Do?
Just the Tonic at The Grassmarket Centre

Demi Lardner and Tom Walker: We Musn’t
Monkey Barrel Comedy

Demi Lardner: Ditch Witch 800
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Dilruk Jayasinha: Cheat Day(s)
Gilded Balloon Teviot
Here’s Lisa’s review from MICF 2019:

Dolly Di*mond’s Bl*nkety Bl*nks
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Double Denim: Adventure Show
Underbelly, Cowgate

Garry Starr Conquers Troy
Underbelly, Cowgate

Gavin Lind: Shattered
Sweet Grassmarket

George Dimarelos: Acting Natural
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

George Dimarelos: A Booklover’s Comedy Show
Laughing Horse @ 32 Below

Glenn Grimwood: Unf*ckable
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

Grant Busé: Touché Busé
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

The Human Show : Those Big Bois
Laughing Horse @ The Golf Tavern

Imaan Hadchiti: Being Frank
Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus

Jocks, Geordies and Aussies
PBH’s Free Fringe @ Whistlebinkies

Josh Glanc: Glance You for Having Me
Monkey Barrel Comedy
Here’s Nick’s review from MICF 2019:

Julia Rorke
Underbelly, Cowgate

Laura Davis: Better Dead Than a Coward
Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus

Louisa Fitzhardinge: Comma Sutra
Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose

Love/Hate Actually (Act/React)
Imagination Workshop

Love is a Work in Progress with Tara Rankine
Just the Tonic at The Charteris Centre

Luka Muller’s Gong Show
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

Luka Muller: Haha Cool
Laughing Horse @ The Raging Bull

Motherhood: A Comedy: Tara Newton-Wordsworth
Just the Tonic at The Mash House

The Nasty Show Australia
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

Nath Valvo: I’m Happy for You
Assembly George Square Studios

Neal Portenza is Joshua Ladgrove in Edinburgh’s Only Bilge Pump Sales Seminar
Heroes @ Boteco

Nick Elleray: Big Nick Energy
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

Ray Badran: Everybody Loves Ray, Man
Pleasance Courtyard

Rhys Nicholson: Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Sam Kissajukian: Alcohol is Good for You
Laughing Horse @ The Lock Up

Sam Kissajukian: Good Evening Edinburgh
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

Sam Taunton: It’s Nice, It’s Modern
Assembly George Square Studios

The Stevenson Experience: Takes One to Know One
Assembly George Square Studios

Suren Jayemanne: I’m Here, All Weak
Laughing Horse @ Bar 50

Thomas Green: Tweak
Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

The Three Deaths of Ebony Black (Amberly Cull)
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Tom Ballard: Enough
Monkey Barrel Comedy

Tom Cashman: XYZ
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Tom Walker: Very Very
Assembly Roxy
Here’s Will’s review from MICF 2019:

Totally Plucked: Grandma Josephine
Underbelly, Cowgate

Two Little Dickheads: Kapow!
Just the Tonic at The Charteris Centre

Wil Greenway: The Ocean After All
Underbelly, Bristo Square

Zoë Coombs Marr: Bossy Bottom
Monkey Barrel Comedy
Here’s Lisa’s review from MICF 2019:

Squirrel Comedy’s Recommended and Previously Reviewed Shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015

By Lisa Clark

Well the Squirrels are getting ruffled up and ready for autumn nut collecting. And comedy reviewing. There are soooo many shows on offer at the 2015 Melbourne International comedy Festival and it can be very difficult for us to see everything we want to see, let alone review everything we want to review. For those readers who are planning their Festival schedules and are in need of help, we have some good news: Squirrel Comedy has previously reviewed thirty of this year’s shows and we have laid out links to all those reviews below.


First Up here are some brilliant shows I previously saw & loved but Squirrel Comedy hasn’t reviewed.

I recommend you see:Claire Hooper School Camp

Claire Hooper’s School Camp

Claire takes us back to school days in a raw & truthful way where nostalgia takes some surprising and dark turns that make this show very special.


Celia Pacquola – Let Me Know How It All Works Out.

Celia’s show about fortune telling and her international lifestyle was another of Celia’s crowd-pleasing corkers.
Celia Pac Let me Know

Barry Nominated last year as word got around it was selling out like hotcakes, so if you weren’t lucky enough to see this gorgeous show better book now.


Denise Scott – Mother Bare

Denise deservedly won the Barry Award last year for her droll and often riotous reflections on motherhood and other aspects of her comedic life.Denise Scott Mother Bare pic

She’s only doing four shows this year at the fan friendly time of 4.30 Sundays, so get your tickets early.



And now for shows that we have previously reviewed.

Particular highlights this year that I can also recommend include:

Are You Afraid of the Dark by Watson Watson Afraid of the Dark

Watson’s funny and occasionally genuinely scary show is not for those with a nervous disposition or heart condition but my goodness it is a monstrous load of fun. It can only fit smallish audiences into the space at the Old Melbourne Gaol so book early, I hear the first week is booking out fast. Not surprising as this show won Best Comedy at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and considering it is site specific it is one you will have to come to Melbourne to see.


Bart Freebairn Ultra Power LordBart Freebairn pic

Bart is a comedian at the top of his game just waiting to be discovered by the mainstream. I get the joyful shivers when I see a stand up comedian reach a point where they can host a room and own it keeping everyone rolling with laughter non stop. Bart is there and I hope everyone loves Ultra Power Lord as much as I did at Fringe last year.


Bucket’s List by Sarah Collins starring Justin Kennedybuckets list

Buckets List is a whimsical, beautiful and of course very funny tale with a star turn by the amazing Justin Kennedy (who we just don’t see enough of on the circuit any more – I miss him, but if this is the sort of work he’s producing then I’ll forgive his absence). Justin is blessed with the ability to make an audience laugh without saying a word and when I see independent theatre this good I think our major theatre companies should have a good hard look at themselves.


Damian Callinan – The Lost WW1 Diary of Private Paddy CallinanPaddy Callinan

A perfect show for this anniversary of ANZAC it’s another comedy character tour de force by Damian where truth and tall tales blur with loads of laughs and a streak of darkness. The true spirit of the ANZAC is thoroughly celebrated.


We can’t wait to discover new exciting comedy at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival  but meanwhile

Here’s the full list with links of those we reviewed earlier:

The 13–Storey Treehouse

Anthony Jeannot is Unaccept-a-bubble

Bart Freebairn: Ultra Power Lord

Clem Bastow – Escape From LA

Damian Callinan – The Lost WW1 Diary of Private Paddy Callinan

Dr Brown – Befrdfgth

Dylan Cole – The Moon in Me

Fancy Boy Variety Show

Faulty Towers – The Dining Experience

Geraldine Hickey – Listen Out For The Castanets

I Love Green Guide Letters Live

Justin Kennedy – Bucket’s List

Late Night Letters and Numbers

Lee Naimo – Finding Lee

Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

The Little Dum Dum Club Live

Luke McGregor – I Worry That I Worry Too Much

Mark Butler – Grammar don’t matter on a first date

Political Asylum – Late Night Riot

Sam Rankin – Wake Up, Sheeple! (2.0)

The Sexy Detectives – Mono Logs

The Sound of Nazis

The Umbilical Brothers – KiDSHoW – Not Suitable for Children

Stuart Daulman is an Absolute Credit

Stew Walker – A Hard Day’s Night of Beatles Parodies

Gary Portenza: Apologies in Advance

Set List

Watson – Who’s Afraid of the Dark

World Record Show with Andy Matthews, Adam Knox and Dave Warneke

Zoe Coombs Marr – Dave


Bart Freebairn: Ultra Power Lord

By Lisa Clark 

Bart Freebairn certainly has one of the funniest show descriptions in the Fringe Guide and it doesn’t let us down. Bart comes out fighting – in his own kooky comedian kind of way – all energy (even on a Wednesday evening) and ready to give us his best.

Bart is exploring his own lack of machismo; why and how he doesn’t enjoy the sorts of things that men in particular are supposed to get a kick out of. He certainly admires other men doing these things from a distance, with a delightful naughty twinkle in his eye. The bulk of the humour comes from his own inabilities in manly pursuits such as his lack of prowess in fighting, working out or casual vomiting.

He recounts for us his experience at Splendour in the Grass, his lack of joy in camping in general and why he’s staying away from certain substances nowadays. I particularly enjoy his impressive impressions of philosophical bogans, (who I feel like I’ve met and had conversations with at parties). Although he is sending them up there is no sense of malice behind the caricature. There is also a hilarious story about his dog, who like himself is a fairly ineffective master of defence.

His pub stand up and skilful Emceeing experience comes to the fore when he has to deal with disruptive audience members in the small space. Although it does break up the rhythm of the show somewhat it also leads to some delightful tangents and a learning experience for both Bart and his audience. Like the show’s description (or provocation if you will) his attitude is ‘Bring it ON’ and he shows that though he may not be good at street fighting, he can handle himself in a stand up setting where he does prove to be somewhat of a Power Lord.

Bart Freebairn has been doing comedy around the traps in Melbourne for some time or as he explains in his sketchy bio online “for a while now”. It’s clearly long enough to develop a distinctively charming and goofy style. He commands the spotlight with ease and can confidently keep an audience laughing for an hour at his enjoyable stories and quirky way of looking at stuff.

Bart Freebairn: Ultra Power Lord is on at The Imperial Hotel

5 Good reasons to see Bart Freebairn – Double Happiness

Reason 1 

Bart has unearthed serveral ancient secrets of time travel and clothing alteration. Seeing his show will give you hints as to what they are and were he has hidden them ( They are in a secret pocket of his fancy time travel pants!)

Reason 2

Barack Obama regularly listens to Bart and follows his advice. Now I know what you are thinking. Obama has made a mess Bart is no good at advice. Before you storm off consider that Bart’s advice has stopped heaps of wars and disasters and bad stuff all over the place from happening. He only weighs in on the serious business. Not that silly everyday stuff. COME TO HIS SHOW AND LISTEN TO HIS ADVICE! IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE WHOLE WORLD

Reason 3 

The show is called Double Happiness for a reason. It is a great feeling and you deserve to experience it.

Reason 4 

If would like to learn ways to enjoy icecream more. There are a handful of great tips and angles in which you can increase and lengthen your pleasure. That is what all those LAST LONGER billboards are about. Bart’s show and Icecream. What?! You thought it was about sex? You sick fuck.

Reason 5

Bart is a great comedian who will make you laugh for an hour.

Bart Freebairn – Double Happiness is on at the Imperial Hotel

We ♥ Comedy

By Noel Kelso

The Imperial Hotel is a hub for Melbourne comedians throughout the year and one of the regular comedy nights is We ♥ Comedy. Compered by the witty and acerbic Victoria Healy this is a showcase of the finest talents in Melbourne stand-up, improve and sketch, and provides laughs to the people of the city year-round.

Comics such as Celia Pacquola and Simon Keck have performed there in the past along with sketch duo Girls Uninterrupted and king of improv Jimmy James Eaton. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival allows the room to showcase a diverse range of acts which may not otherwise be available to them at other times of the year. Thus it was that last night the line-up consisted of improv from Rebecca de Unamuno, stand-up from Bart Freebairn and sketch comedy from The Lords Of Luxury.

De Unamuno began her set with some very funny gags related to dating and how she believes that some people just stay in relationships for far too long before interacting with the audience to discover how they have fared in love. Latching onto one couple in the front row she asks them a series of questions about their relationship and how they see one another before launching into an improvised and hilarious Shakespearean sketch based around the information she has just been given. This is a skilled improvisational comedian able to adapt to her situation and still bring forth strong laughs from the audience.

Second on that night’s bill was comic Bart Freebairn whose delightfully whimsical delivery style is easy to engage with as he talks about wanting to be a dinosaur when he was a child, dreams, scallops and universal knowledge. The very fact that he can say any of this and not leave the audience confused, but laughing loudly is testament to his comic timing and delivery.

The last act on the bill were Lords Of Luxury whose sketch comedy was hilarious and strange with ad libs from various team members added an element of anarchy to the proceedings. Their sketches about one of the members being dumped by his girlfriend and the predicament faced by a Private Investigator held captive by the Mob were inventive and funny and kept the audience laughing throughout. There was a sequence involving a water pistol which dragged on for far too long, yet just became funnier and funnier with each passing second. These are comics who know how to play a room and can milk every last line for maximum laughter.

As a host, Healy is a total pro, warming her audience up for the acts with her charm and delivering laughs with practised ease.

We ♥ Comedy is on at the Imperial Hotel until April 8